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Customised testing environment

210x132 kontti autoArctic Testing Services Oy (ATS) always customises its testing environments to perfectly suit the customer’s needs and preferences, which is one of the reasons for the rapid expansion of commercial activities.


“Winter testing services have traditionally been provided by first building test tracks and garages somewhere, then trying to attract customers to these areas. We take the opposite approach. Initially, we find out what the customer needs, then we look for the best way to create the necessary testing infrastructure. We provide the land and take care of construction and maintenance”.


210x132 risto“This means the customer always receives a winter testing environment of required dimensions and facilities”, tells Managing Director Risto Keskiruokanen."

Being a private company, ATS is capable of immediate reaction to customer requirements.“In 2008 we built a test centre for one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers in Rovaniemi. Construction to completion took only seven months, which was sufficient time to construct large office and repair building, a separate cold facility, and a test road, i.e. an entire testing environment.

210x132 yksityisalue“We are lucky to operate here in the town of Rovaniemi, Europe’s largest town by area. Here we have plenty of space and wilderness, but we can also offer the services of a very cosmopolitan university town. This combination cannot be found anywhere else on the globe”, adds Managing Director Risto Keskiruokanen.