210x132 sampokeskusArctic Testing Services is based in Rovaniemi, the energetic and international capital city of Finnish Lapland in Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi covers the largest area of any city in Europe, appr. 8016 square kilometers and has plenty of room for winter testing projects of all types and sizes. Vast uninhabited areas together with all the services provided by a modern city with 58 000 inhabitants is a combination that’s hard to match anywhere else.


From Rovaniemi’s bustling city centre it only takes half an hour by car to reach the great wildernesses of Finnish Lapland.

Tho possibilities that Rovaniemi offers for winter automotive and component testing are truly unique. Rovaniemi is known as a modern city in the wilderness. Numerous hotels, an international airport and an extensive range of services provide an excellent framework for effective testing activities.

Rovaniemi is a university city, the commercial centre for the area and a city of sport and culture. Rovaniemi consists also of dozens of village centres that are spread out along both sides of the Arctic Circle along the banks of two of the largest rivers in Finland - the Rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki.

The Rovaniemi area is in the arctic zone; the climate is mild, subarctic, and characterised by extreme seasonal changes between darkness and light, cold and warmth.


  • 210x132 rannissa• Mean temperature: +0.2°C
    • Annual rainfall: 535 mm
    • Snow stays on the ground 183 days / year.
    • Coldest recorded temperature: -45.3°C.
    • Highest recorded temperature: +30.6°C.

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210x132 liikenneRovaniemi is located approximately 800 km north of Helsinki with excellent connections.

  • • Population: appr. 57 800
    • Land area: 8 016 km²