The exclusive test centre in finnish lapland 


Test centre

Arctic Testing Services provides a modern Test Centre in Finnish Lapland especially designed for cold climate and sign-off testing of vehicles. The Test Centre is located in Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle. The location is in the heart of the wilderness yet close to all the services you need. The test centre includes a workshop/office building, private winter forest test roads, 16 cold chambers and a separate building for storage and refuelling. The Test Centre is located a 30-minute drive from the town centre of Rovaniemi.

The workshop and office building has a floor space of 1,224 square metres providing ample facilities even for larger groups. The two-storey main building hosts office space for 120 people in 15 large office rooms and a modern conference room with a view of the workshop floor. The offices are all located in the same building, which makes seamless cooperation between the testing teams easy. Team members can cook their meals and enjoy their coffee breaks in the fully equipped cafeteria downstairs. The large and modern workshop is equipped with three hoists, basic tools, a tyre machine, and an exhaust gas removal system. The workshop and office building has a reliable high-speed 500 Mbit/s fibre data connection. The large parking area makes it possible to test many vehicles at the same time. The entire testing area is fenced with two electrically powered security gates, including personal access control system to ensure security.

There are several power outlets for 22 kW charging of electric vehicles. The charging network can be enhanced and updated to meet modern fast charging requirements catering to customers’ individual requirements.


The test centre in Rovaniemi, Finland

Winter test road

The private Winter Test Road can be accessed directly from the test site area and cold boxes. The length of the test road is 2.9 kilometres. There is also an uphill test track with three different gradients in the immediate vicinity of the test centre. Both test tracks are for one-way traffic only. Outside of the test centre are plenty of different types of public roads.

Cold boxes - Ensure cold conditions

cold house

In the Cold House there are eight separate cold rooms for standard sized cars and pickups. All the rooms can reach -30 °C. All our cold boxes can be control remotely from inside the office building.

cold boxes

The test centre offers seven van-sized cold boxes located next to the main building. These Cold Boxes can reach -35 °C. These modern Cold Boxes have separate employee access doors for ensuring safety.

Cold Boxes sizes:
Length: 630 cm 
Width:   260 cm            
Height:  265 cm

Jumbo cold box

We also have the Jumbo Cold Box for high vans, which can reach -30 °C. This Cold Box is equipped with a 32A power socket and separate employee access door.

Jumbo Box size:
Length: 1100 cm 
Width:   260 cm
Height:  330 cm